Clément Ti’Punch Cup 2020 : Get Citrus-y!


In the French Caribbean, Ti’Punch is often simply referred to as CRS – Citron + Rhum + Sucre.  The ‘C’ is almost always lime but Ti’Punch Cup is all about reinventing this classic cocktail to reflect your own personal story. But how to do this? First let’s talk a little about the classic Ti’Punch.

Remember that traditionally this is a spirit forward cocktail – two of the reasons for that being that Martinique rhum is so very good it doesn’t need much dressing up and also because limes aren’t always readily available or cheap.

In order to make them last as long as possible, you will sometimes cut the lime into as many 32 pieces equaling 32 Ti’punches per lime! In a perfectly abundant lime world, a Ti’Punch with a nice coin cut off the side and a bit of the flesh offers the cocktail the benefit of brightness from the juice and bitter, rich, mouthfeel from the oil.


Many citrus options

Now, how to reinvent this classic with new and interesting citrus/acidic options? Depending where you’re located there are a vast array of options – and all can lead to a winning Ti’Punch recipe. Any typical grapefruit, orange, and lemon has tons of aromatic components to be found in the peel and bright flavorful options in the fruit itself.

Get fancy with citrus

Your ratio of peel to juice is only one of the many ways you control the balance and complexity of your cocktail. If you want to get really fancy, you can opt for some more rare citrus. Yuzu and kaffir lime have an extra sweet floral quality to the peel whereas bergamot lemon smells of a familiar black tea. Meyer lemons have an extra bump of sweetness than your average lemon. Want to add a literal ‘pop’ of acid? Try finger limes – natural citrus caviar.

If you want to use a sweeter type of citrus like orange, you can always bump up the acid notes with citric acid or acid phosphate…or vinegar or any other acidic

component. Just remember it counts as an ingredient!

When you’re conceptualizing your Ti’Punch recipe always remind yourself that every ingredient is incorporated for a very specific reason. Don’t just pick a citrus because it’s available. You are writing a unique story and each chapter is necessary to complete your book!

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Written by: 
Kiowa Bryan